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Lara Dog Bed - Oak - 50% off - was £799

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Lara Dog Bed - Oak - 50% off - was £799

Lara by Carsten Astheimer is a contemporary Windsor design inspired by traditional steam bending and beautifully concaved wooden seating. This unique dog bed is characterised by its soft flowing steam bent back rest and square leg sections.  If you have beautiful furniture throughout the house, why should the dog miss out? 

Hand Made in Great Britain

- Made from responsibly sourced hardwood, solid ash, oak or walnut

- Luxury fitted cushion included, bespoke fabric options available 

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The Lara Collection, named after Carsten's daughter, is a modern interpretation of the Windsor chair.  The collection was developed at the Old Saw Mill in the Heart of England and is born out of a unique collaboration between Carsten Astheimer and Dave Green. 

It is not clear when the first Windsor Chairs were made. It is known that, as early as the 16th century, wheelwrights started coping out chair spindles in the same way they made wheel spokes. The design was probably a development of West Country, Welsh and Irish 'stick-back' chairs, but the evidence on origin is not certain.  It is thought that the first Windsor chair made its appearance in the county of Buckinghamshire, where the main centre of production eventually moved to High Wycombe. By the 18th century steam-bending was being used to produce the characteristic bow of the Windsor chair. The first chairs made this way were shipped to London from the market town of Windsor. 

The Lara Collection, inspired by tradition is still hand made in the Heart of England using the same craftsmanship, but with a modern design twist.

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