What makes us more individual?

British design finesse. Timeless craftsmanship. Pure individuality. At the British Design Shop, we simply bring these elements together by working with local craftsmen, using high quality materials, and then adding a contemporary twist.

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  1. Amy Armchair
    Amy Armchair
  2. Amy Loveseat
    Amy Loveseat
  3. Amy Two Seater Sofa
    Amy Two Seater Sofa
  4. Amy Three Seater Sofa
    Amy Three Seater Sofa
  5. Ella Armchair
    Ella Armchair
  6. Ella Loveseat
    Ella Loveseat
  7. Ella Two Seater Sofa
    Ella Two Seater Sofa
  8. Ella Three Seater Sofa
    Ella Three Seater Sofa
  9. Lara Armchair
    Lara Armchair
  10. Lara Small Side Table
    Lara Small Side Table
  11. Lara Medium Side Table
    Lara Medium Side Table
  12. Lara Large Side Table
    Lara Large Side Table
  13. Lara Bar Stool
    Lara Bar Stool
  14. Form Bar Stool
    Form Bar Stool
  15. Warwick Bar Stool
    Warwick Bar Stool
  16. Bodge Armchair
    Bodge Armchair
  17. Bodge Side Chair
    Bodge Side Chair
  18. Epping Bar Stool
    Epping Bar Stool
  19. Matlock Bar Stool
    Matlock Bar Stool
  20. Tottenham Court Mod Bar Stool
    Tottenham Court Mod Bar Stool
  21. Bodge Bench
    Bodge Bench
  22. Darwin Armchair
    Darwin Armchair
  23. Leamington Rocker
    Leamington Rocker
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23 Items

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